Silent Orchestra: the saddest thing

No doubt there are two sides to this thing but the trenchant dispute between the Minnesota orchestra and it's management has dragged on now to the point where they have lost a year's music making and now look to losing their music director, Osmo Vanska

It's too much to think Vanska's ultimatum will shift positions: conductors come and go anyway. 

But this orchestra with its long traditions exists only with public support - those benefactors may find other ways of exercising their philanthropy. It has all the makings of a slow motion car crash.

The pairing of this conductor and orchestra in my view don't astonish any more - this is a solid partnership which reveals itself in deep consideration and close acquaintance. Who knows how that will be quickly achieved again. 

Vanska should prepare for departure - hopefully back to Europe and the orchestra should start building again with some young talent who can raise whatever roof they play under - if they ever play again.


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