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Proms 2017 - Week 1, Prom 1

The opening BBC Prom of the year usually strikes a pose as it were to set the series off with a bang.   This concert was no different in it's end though the posture was more sophisticated and musically interesting than of late.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra always opens the proceedings - this year conducted by Edward Gardner, with a renowned soloist in Beethoven's Third Concerto and massed choirs for the second half in a piece by a living composer. Gardner is a shrewd judge of a Prom audience and this somewhat understated programme had hidden and unexpected depth.  The concert got masses of coverage - on social media, across two TV channels and on Radio 3 where two presenters bubbled over with enthusiasm and superlatives.  Not much was said about the music and much more about the will be a culture shock for those who take the First Night as typical into the second night of austere Sibelius and Elgar - not many laughs there.

One new thing to be applauded was the Loss…

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