Proms 2012 - Week 1 - Winners and Losers

Five Star Pupils

John Adams - so much energy in Prom 4, blew the house down with Fest Romane, and rebuilt it with City Noir. The kids in your band are cool.

Alice Coote - cool, splendid sensual French Art Song at Cadogan Hall, Summer Lovin' recalled (actual Summer Lovin' rained off)

Hervé Niquet - handling Handel with swing and swagger.  Herve the Verve!

West East Divan Orchestra - proper grown up orchestra now with bite and panache, watch out Bolivars!

Daniel Barenboim - for programming and introducing RAH with 6000 people in it to music of Boulez *HEAD BOY*

Five with extra homework to do....

The Programmers of Prom One: "Best of British", I think not. A lukewarm opener to the season.  Orchestra bored, conductors aren't atheletes, Elgar - bloody awful.

Kirill Gerstein - yes, technically all there but where was the fresh thinking.  A missed opportunity to break with tradition.

Anne Schwanewilms - poor dear, ...Last Songs indeed..... .

BBC Symphony Orchestra - stop looking so glum!

Those involved in My Fair Lady - why oh why oh why?  Your music is great, but it is not classical.  Thank you - but please don't do it again, leave it in the theatre.


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