SACD - Beethoven Sonatas Vol 2 - Angella Hewitt

It doesn't take long to hear the special qualitites in Angela Hewittt's Beethoven, but you have to listen carefully: they're essentially small scale, detailed and endless fascinating.

There are three sonatas on this Hyperion SACD

No 15 'Pastoral'
No 8 'Pathetique'
No 3

in that order (which is the first nice surprise).

I recall it was maybe five years ago that I heard a concert relay of AH playing No 15 and I wasn't impressed - her Beethoven seemed at the time under-powered.

Her strengths have always been very sophisticated and it is in the nuance, interplay and inner drama that she reveals new things. I'm not surprised she's not for everyone in Bach and I dare say the audience hearing her play Beethoven might be equally divided.

I'll give this disc more time before I set out the individual glories - I've heard lots to entice me into further auditions. I'll also tell you about Hyperion's SACD.


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